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Vegas Rocks Awards!

“Here I go again on my Own”

The night started off with few expectations on my part.  A bit bummed out that the event fell on the night before the first day back to school, I was left with 4 tickets and no one to join me.  But, hey, I’m enough company for myself, so I threw on my trusty Motley Crue tank and set out for the Joint. 

After picking up my tickets from the Red Rocker VIP table I wandered inside to check the scene out, not exactly knowing what to expect.  The Red Carpet had been almost two hours before I got there and the awards were scheduled to start at 8, it was currently 7:45.

My tickets were general admission and I had thought that the general admission area would be on the main floor in front of the stage, but this being an Awards show, they had tables and chairs set there for the nominees and the general admission area were the seats behind the sound booth and the bar area in the back.

There was a pretty good sized crowd, the main floor of nominees and guests was full, as were most of the seats for general admission.

Plenty of people in the standing/bar area as well.  The crowd was the perfect size to feel energy and excitement, but not so crowded as to make things awkward or uncomfortable.

I chose to stand in the back for full immersion in the scene and not wanting to commit to an actual seat. Being in the back  did make it pretty difficult to hear the speeches, but that was the only downside.  The energy was great and drinks were easily accessible!

The show started off with a spot on performance by Dead Sara and there were some killer moments to keep things rocking:  Dj Ashba receiving the Best Guitarist Award, David Coverdale taking the stage (although only playing half of “Slide It In”), Michael Schenker, Geoff Tate, Eddie Trunk, and of course the Guest of Honor Sammy Hagar!

The All Star Jam at the end included all of the above as well as Michael Anthony!!! Very cool and certainly something you don’t see every day.

There was a slightly awkward Kiss inspired wedding that took place on stage, but it was probably better up front.  In the back the only way you knew what was going on was if youwere aware ahead of time that it was going to happen.  I did know, but again being in the back you couldn’t really hear the ceremony or anything, but the visual was good enough. Kiss makeup, whether actually on the members of Kiss or any number of Kiss impersonators, will always show up on stage!  I’m going to try and catch the broadcast online as the show was filmed live for AXS TV, and then I may get a better feel for that that part of it.

The show itself was just long enough to be entertaining and just short enough to never get bored. I think it ran about 2 hours, but with the mix of live performances and awards, it went by really quickly.

Several local bands were honored as well, although I did hear talk amongst many afterword that they felt the voting was rigged, but I’m a bit removed from the local music scene, so I’m only reporting hearsay.

All in all an ample dose of Rock and Roll which I value being a part of.   

But the After party….that’s where the real fun was!