Book Review: “Bringing Metal to the Children, The Complete Berzerkers Guide to World Tour Domination”

As if dropped from the Heavens of Asgard and heaved down the mountains of Valhalla by Odin himself, heavy metals reigning Viking presents to  us “Bringing Metal to the Children, the Complete Berzerkers Guide to World Tour Domination” from Zakk Wylde and his partner in literary crime, Eric Hendrikx.

“Bringing Metal…” is less like a roller coaster and more like the tilt-a-whirl in a grocery store parking lot.  There’s much to be learned from this guitar genius who has been playing professionally since the young age of 19.

Zakk’s stories of road excess and pure “GIFD” determination are jaw dropping.  Literally.  He’s got a mouth on him that isn’t for the faint of heart.  Sometimes you feel like shutting your eyes at the pictures of disgust that are laid before you. But, just when you can’t possibly take any more, that crazy tilt-a-whirl spins you the other direction and you find yourself faced with some serious, real life, wisdom.  Things you want to write down, remember, and live your life by.

Structurally this book tends to jump around a bit and it doesn’t quite follow a time line.  It has a tendency to grab you by your throat and drag you into a Black Label mosh pit.  But it’s fun. Even laugh out loud funny.  It’s full of love, respect, and an undying work ethic.

There were a few stories that I wished had been told, some back story I wanted and didn’t get, but what I was given was good.

Without having to say it, but saying it anyway, Zakk is a legend.  If you’re a metal fan this book is required reading.

Just don’t read it on a stomach full of spicy chinese food.  That, my friend,  you may regret.

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Kelly is an 18 year resident of Las Vegas, NV who holds a BA in Social Sciences from UNLV. She brings with her thousands of listening hours, hundreds of live shows, hours spent sleeping in line for show tickets (before you could just do it online), numerous rock star encounters, countless autobiographies read, fan club memberships, and kind of a big mouth. View all posts by Kelly G

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