Vegas Rocks Awards!

“Here I go again on my Own”

The night started off with few expectations on my part.  A bit bummed out that the event fell on the night before the first day back to school, I was left with 4 tickets and no one to join me.  But, hey, I’m enough company for myself, so I threw on my trusty Motley Crue tank and set out for the Joint. 

After picking up my tickets from the Red Rocker VIP table I wandered inside to check the scene out, not exactly knowing what to expect.  The Red Carpet had been almost two hours before I got there and the awards were scheduled to start at 8, it was currently 7:45.

My tickets were general admission and I had thought that the general admission area would be on the main floor in front of the stage, but this being an Awards show, they had tables and chairs set there for the nominees and the general admission area were the seats behind the sound booth and the bar area in the back.

There was a pretty good sized crowd, the main floor of nominees and guests was full, as were most of the seats for general admission.

Plenty of people in the standing/bar area as well.  The crowd was the perfect size to feel energy and excitement, but not so crowded as to make things awkward or uncomfortable.

I chose to stand in the back for full immersion in the scene and not wanting to commit to an actual seat. Being in the back  did make it pretty difficult to hear the speeches, but that was the only downside.  The energy was great and drinks were easily accessible!

The show started off with a spot on performance by Dead Sara and there were some killer moments to keep things rocking:  Dj Ashba receiving the Best Guitarist Award, David Coverdale taking the stage (although only playing half of “Slide It In”), Michael Schenker, Geoff Tate, Eddie Trunk, and of course the Guest of Honor Sammy Hagar!

The All Star Jam at the end included all of the above as well as Michael Anthony!!! Very cool and certainly something you don’t see every day.

There was a slightly awkward Kiss inspired wedding that took place on stage, but it was probably better up front.  In the back the only way you knew what was going on was if youwere aware ahead of time that it was going to happen.  I did know, but again being in the back you couldn’t really hear the ceremony or anything, but the visual was good enough. Kiss makeup, whether actually on the members of Kiss or any number of Kiss impersonators, will always show up on stage!  I’m going to try and catch the broadcast online as the show was filmed live for AXS TV, and then I may get a better feel for that that part of it.

The show itself was just long enough to be entertaining and just short enough to never get bored. I think it ran about 2 hours, but with the mix of live performances and awards, it went by really quickly.

Several local bands were honored as well, although I did hear talk amongst many afterword that they felt the voting was rigged, but I’m a bit removed from the local music scene, so I’m only reporting hearsay.

All in all an ample dose of Rock and Roll which I value being a part of.   

But the After party….that’s where the real fun was!

Rock and Roll All Night and Miniature Golf All Day

This week marked the much anticipated opening of “Kiss, by Monster Mini Golf”.  Thursday was the official Black Carpet opening event, complete with all current members of Kiss, local celebs, and the winner of the “Kiss Off”  Kiss cover band contest, Mr Speed.

I wasn’t able to attend the Grand Opening, but I did make it out Sunday to experience what was sure to be the most rockin Mini Golf experience ever!

The weather was perfect for an indoor adventure as Sunday proved to be cold, cloudy, and windy here in Vegas.

My expectations were pretty high for this place.  They have been hyping it up for months.  Starting with the Kiss Cover Band Contest at the Hard Rock Hotel (which we attended and it was pretty fun, especially considering it was a free event and open to kids!) a contest to crown Lady Demon, who will be the representative of Kiss Mini Golf, the press releases, Twitter Posts, and Facebook page countdown, all promised not only Mini Golf, but a Kiss store, Cafe, Arcade, and Wedding Chapel.

Although I over all had a great time here, and believe they will do well, I also feel that some of these promises are  loosely interpreted.

When you enter Kiss Mini Golf there is a very impressive aquarium surrounded by a wall of Amps.  Super cool and ff to a great start!

Straight ahead and up a few stairs is the Kiss gift shop.  Here they had the usual Kiss stuff and also some things I had not seen before. The shop wasn’t too big, but big enough, and also had some higher end items like limited edition bass guitars, jewelry, and custom made feather purses, which I would’ve picked up if I had an extra $400 on me!  They also had some crazy stuff like Rice Krispy treats with Kiss stickers on them, but if you know Gene then you know that dude will brand ANYTHING!

To the left of the door, across from the aquarium is the counter to get cards for the video games, pay for mini golf, and turn in your tickets for prizes.  Every employee that we had contact with while we were here was really great.  Very friendly, very helpful, and appeared genuinely happy.  I was really a pleasure dealing with the staff and I hope they stay that way! A golf game per person is $11.95 and they offer $2.00 off if you’re local, so that was pretty cool.  Also, at the counter was a sign promoting a Kiss iphone App to keep score, which seemed intriguing. I thought it was free, but I forgot I was dealing with Gene Simmons!  I sucked it up and bought the App since A) that’s a pretty cool idea B) I REALLY hate pencils and C) they promised Kiss trivia at every hole.

Of course I’ve been a Kiss fan for a long time so most of the trivia was a refresher, but what I didn’t know is that when Kiss tours in Germany they use a different “S” than everywhere else.  Hey thanks for the info Kiss Mini Golf iphone App! Anyway, it was fun keeping score on the phone, but a bitch taking my phone in and out of my purse 100 times.  Note to self: pockets next time.

Beyond the counter is the arcade.

Really  this was not a dedicated arcade, but more of a pass through to the golf area.  They had a few driving games, Deal or No Deal, a couple shooting games (where my husband and daughter proceeded to kill an hour and a half) and a few other random games.  Honestly I was expecting more out of this.  My vision was more old school and pin ballesque in nature.  They did have a vintage Kiss Pinball machine up front, but for  display purposes only.  I was thinking they could at least get a replica to play in the arcade and as I said, I thought that space would be a bit bigger and more of an actual arcade, but I guess it gets the job done.  There’s a lot to look at anyway:  Kiss themed glow in the dark painting on the walls, which is always a pleasure!  I especially enjoyed  the Kiss Army story  re-told along the far wall.  I love that story!

The music was great, but since we were there probably longer than most would be, I think they just loop the same set of songs over and over even though they have a live DJ on site.  That was a bit disappointing as it’s a rock themed venue and there are enough rock songs around to not have to get repetitive. Technically there are enough Kiss songs alone that they wouldn’t need to repeat and Kiss is touring with Motley Crue this summer, can we get a few Crue tunes thrown in 🙂

As for the rest of the place the cafe is NOT a cafe.  It is a snack bar. Do NOT be fooled.  I didn’t go there to eat, but if I had I would have been hugely disappointed. I think the wedding chapel should be enhanced.  It looked very plain and not “Kissed” enough by any means and the restrooms should’ve had the theme carried on in there as well.  It’s the little things ya know?  Especially in Vegas.  There’s a lot to live up to here.

And finally the golf.  The course was laid out very well to make the most of space.  I thought it would be bigger, but  the props were huge and looked great so all was forgiven.  The 18 holes were challenging, but not too hard and there were employees roaming the course showering free tickets on everyone that got a hole in one…Craig and I each got one and Morgan got two!

Finally, after putting up a giant replica of Gene Simmons tongue, the course was over and it was time to head home.

On the way out they asked us what our scores were, and gave the person with the  lowest score  (Morgan, she  lost by 2)  a card to come back and play for free cuz she needed more practice!  Another cool bonus.

Also, they had mentioned to let the staff at the prize counter know your scores to see if you won the prize of the day or something to that effect.  Bascially what they ended up doing was adding your score to the amount of tickets you turned in so that was another surprise and a very cool thing for them to do!

So after raking in the prizes: a light up spider necklace, plastic purple glasses circa 1985, a guitar pencil, and a few temporary tattoos, we left smiling.

Even though it wasn’t quite everything I thought it would be I loved it none the less.  What can I say, Kiss does things on a huge scale so I went in with Kiss sized expectations!

But I will go back.

It’s perfect for those cold, windy desert days and the summer days when it’s even Hot In The Shade!

One Week Post Crue


It’s been a week since the Motley Crue residency in Vegas.  I miss it! The cabs driving around town still plastered with Motley Crue signage taunt me.

I’m supposed to use this blog for ALL  things rock, but for now I’m still stuck in the glory that was three weeks of Crue in my city.

I just can’t seem to let it go. I don’t want to let it go. Some say I haven’t let go of the 80’s and the 90’s at all, but really this residency and the summer tour of 2011 just happened.

As in 7 days ago at 10:43 pm  the fist guitar riffs of “Kickstart my Heart” were screaming out of Mick Mars hands!   I say I am living in the now.

As I write this James Michael, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, and Mick Mars are busy writing and recording NEW CRUE at Tommys studio ( and Vince will fly in to lay down vocals this week.  In a short time we will have a NEW Motley Crue single.  This is real, it’s happening, and it’s current.

Nikki is up for Bassist of the Year at the Golden God Awards and will be making his acting debut in P.R. Browns full length film “Shooter”.  Don’t forget we have Sixx Sense radio too, even though it isn’t syndicated on Vegas radio yet, iheart radio will suffice until then.

Tommy is always off doing his DeadMau5 gig, Vince continues to tour Solo (and fish and “chat up” busty blondes!) and there’s rumours Mick is working on his first solo album and maybe even that book I urged him to write!

Collectively, “The Dirt” movie is likely coming out in 2013 too.

Motley Crue isn’t going anywhere.  They are feeding the fans addiction to rock.  Thank God cause we need it!

Back to the show, because really it’s never far from the forefront of my mind, I’m able to access everyones photos, professional (BABAK you know you are amazing)  and amateur,  Videos, and stories of various fans interactions  and experiences over the span of the residency.  It seems that as much as I can’t give up the Crue, no one else that experienced it can either.

When I’m done feverishly clicking through Tweets to stay up and current, I can run through memories of each performance, the Valentines Day meet and greet with Tommy and Mick, and the most amazing Motley Crue date my husband and I have ever had.

We can all relive this magical time through the memories of those that were there around us.  Although I spoke to many new people and made many new friends it’s still crazy to click on a random picture or youtube video and see yourself there!  If I could go back I would try to find some of those amazing people too!

My signed copy of “Heroin Diaries” and Crues’ greatest hits will be here tomorrow!  I may not be able to stop posting about Motley Crue until Van Halen comes around in May….and that’s ok with me.



Ms Kelly G


Motley Crue brings the World together

Well, it’s been about 72  hours since the end of the Motley Crue residency at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

It took a solid day and a half to come down off cloud nine. I’m kinda still in it and I don’t want to leave.

I’ve also been thinking about how to properly document this experience and instead of starting at the begining I’m going to take some advice that Mick Mars gave me: I’ll start at the end.

What I have decided about this residency is that it was much more than just the shows.  It was an overwhelming sense of a rock community that the Crue manifested in our dusty, desert city, of Las Vegas.

This was also much more than driving to your local Venue for a show, whether it’s the MGM Grand, or DTE Energy (Pine Knob, who are we kidding), or Cricket Amphitheatre, or even the Hollywood Bowl.

This show had you amped weeks in advance.  We had the side of the Hard Rock wrapped in images of Vince, Tommy, Mick, and Nikki.  Billboards up and down I-15, signs on taxi cabs, and motorized billboards cruising the Strip.  You couldn’t get away from the Crue and why would you want to?

Even before the residency started I had to get down to the Hard Rock  just to drink some of it in.  Entering in from the parking garage were bays of elevators dressed in Crue from top to bottom.  Entire walls of windows emblazoned with photos and show dates, and Vince’s car parked right inside the front door.  We  had circus bunting around the circle bar, gaming tables with Crue felt, and video poker machines branded Motley Crue!  There was no doubt the Crue was coming to town and they were going to own it.

During this, the first 3 weeks of February 2012, I was able to experience the show on 2/3 opening night, 2/5 Super Bowl Sunday, 2/14 Valentines Day and 2/19 the final show.

Every show was perfect in it’s own way. Every night was different and special and awe inspiring.

Highlights of these  3 weeks included getting drenched in” blood” from shooting cannons and redrenched in “blood” spewed from the mouth of Mr. Sixx himself. Winning an online contest from, where my friend Kate and I were able to meet Tommy Lee and Mick Mars, as well as see the show again, and receive a signed copy of “Heroin Diaries” and the Crue Best of CD.  I was tweeted by Nikki (thanks!),  twittered back and forth a  bit with Kerri Kasem and Kyle from Sixx Sense and got to meet the one and only James Michael of Sixx AM.

Between Twitter, the Sixx Sense radio show, and  Facebook the enitre band made the audience feel as much a part of the show as the show itself.  The stilt walkers, little people and aerialists were gracing the Hard Rock before and after the shows and yet you still saw them on stage.  That long haired 9 foot tall guy you were taking pics with in the hallway was the same one being pulled on a leash by a masked midget on stage!  How cool is that?  The girl hanging from chains above the crowd was later seen performing in a tiny bar inside the hotel after the show.  I have been to hundreds of shows and never once was actually immersed in the show the way Crue made it happen. I really think that musicians from this point forward have a lot to live up to based on this 3 week stint alone.  Of course the Crue have always pioneered a state of the art rock performance, but this complete immersion in and with the fans is something else all together.

Lastly,  the fans I met were amazing.  Twenty somethings from Norway whose first trip to the US was specifically for these shows, a beauty from London who flew in for 7 straight performances, an awsome photographer from Toronto who when I thought I was meeting him for the first time (front row on the last night) actually informed me he had photographed Kate and I covered in blood at the Super Bowl Sunday show. I met great people in line, at the show, after the show and everywhere in between.  Our common bond was Motley Crue, our common love Rock and Roll.  This is something special that I have never experienced on a “regular”tour.  There is something magical about people from all over the World traveling to one place for one collective purpose. It’s even better when that purpose is to Rock.

 For me, this being my favorite band since third grade, it was a dream come true.  But even for those new fans, and soon to be new fans, you couldn’t help but get wrapped up in the energy.

I realize I haven’t actually reviewed the actual perfomances themselves, but I will.  Just know there was not a single poor performance.

 For now never forget that Motley Crue brings the World together.

Ms Kelly G

Have you read the news, in the Soho Tribune?

“I wanna Rock.”

Working on the Crue review, Stay tuned!